Autism + Algebra

Autism is like algebra – Math is hard + so is Autism. A math teacher I once had told me that it’s not about how much you know, it’s about how you act when you don’t know. When I was a student learning algebra I often wondered why I would need to learn it. How […]

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S + J’s 3rd Birthday!!

Each and every birthday I’m reminded at how fast time is going by and it seems each year is going by faster than the last. Slow down! Sophia + Jule turned 3 years old. We had a party! 🙂 I hope they knew the day was a celebration for them. They really loved the balloons […]

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North + South Pole

Recently I read a post by another Autism parent using the analogy of North + South Pole as each end of the Spectrum. It was part of a discussion about how Jerry Seinfeld has diagnosed himself as being on the spectrum recently in an interview. You can read about that here. A lot of parents […]

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Sophia + Jule’s MRI Results

Yesterday morning Sophia + Jule had an appointment with the Paediatrician and the MRI results were in. I wish I got a copy of the report. I think I might ask for one today, but this is what my understanding was yesterday at the meeting. Sophia’s scan came back as normal brain development and grey […]

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Somedays I find myself feeling really sad. Sad that my kids aren’t “normal”. I then feel a bit angry that we’ve somehow been cheated from living a “normal” life. Today was one of those days. Tonight as I was putting Sophia & Jule to bed I saw the print I had ordered off of Etsy […]


Our Autism Bubble has burst

Sophia & Jule are getting to an age where people are starting to notice they aren’t your typical 2 year olds and John isn’t your typical 3.5 year old. This is a hard transition for me! I’ve had comments about how quiet they are, I’ve had people ask me questions and then when they find […]

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Almost there but still waiting…

I really underestimated the process of getting Specialized Services in place from FSCD. This process has been painful. Contracts have been signed, received back, sent to the provider, and now we are setting up a meeting to discuss the IEP and get the ball really rolling and get started on therapy. It’s been a long […]

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Getting Organized

I took this awesome course last night called “My Child’s Care is My Business” taught by Sandra M. Werle. Sandra was great. I received one of her books “My Child My Business” and she gave so many great tips on keeping the never ending paperwork that comes with having a special needs kid organized. I […]

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Feeling very overwhelmed. We’ve had two therapy sessions so far, last Wednesday was the girls first Physiotherapy session and then yesterday we had their first session with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and she brought along a member of her therapy team. The physio appointment is at the Calgary Youth Physio centre in Calgary and […]

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