North + South Pole

Recently I read a post by another Autism parent using the analogy of North + South Pole as each end of the Spectrum. It was part of a discussion about how Jerry Seinfeld has diagnosed himself as being on the spectrum recently in an interview. You can read about that here. A lot of parents […]

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! It always has been. I love the decorations, the costume making, going door to door and getting candy, carving pumpkins, and having a spooky ol’ time! This Halloween was the most memorable one for me. It was my most favorite one since having children of my own. Two years ago […]

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My frustrations

I’m starting to feel pretty helpless when it comes to my children and their needs. I do have a lot of help with FSCD and Specialized Services, which just started in June after a year of trying to get that in place. The support is great, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed. Every book I read […]

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Most of us have experienced some kind of loss or life change and are familiar with the 5 steps of mourning: 1. Denial / isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance This past year since the kids were diagnosed with Autism I’ve definitely gone through these steps. I went through them in the […]

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Sophia + Jule’s MRI Results

Yesterday morning Sophia + Jule had an appointment with the Paediatrician and the MRI results were in. I wish I got a copy of the report. I think I might ask for one today, but this is what my understanding was yesterday at the meeting. Sophia’s scan came back as normal brain development and grey […]

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Looks like we have another Walker!

And I’m not talking about the Walking Dead, I’m talking about Sophia!! Sophia has been knee walking since she was about 14 months old. Everywhere she goes she walked on her knees, with the exception of pulling herself to stand on her feet along furniture. A couple months ago when Specialized Services started she was […]

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