Our Autism Bubble has burst

Sophia & Jule are getting to an age where people are starting to notice they aren’t your typical 2 year olds and John isn’t your typical 3.5 year old. This is a hard transition for me! I’ve had comments about how quiet they are, I’ve had people ask me questions and then when they find […]

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A Happy 2nd Birthday Letter to S + J

Sophia + Jule, Two years old. Where does the time go? Crazy. Well girls, this past year has had many challenges, changes, and some milestones. You both smile and laugh so easily. Everyone comments on how adorable you are everywhere I take you. I’m constantly asked “Are they twins? awww…aren’t they just sweet, look at […]

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Getting Organized

I took this awesome course last night called “My Child’s Care is My Business” taught by Sandra M. Werle. Sandra was great. I received one of her books “My Child My Business” and she gave so many great tips on keeping the never ending paperwork that comes with having a special needs kid organized. I […]

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Fairwell 2013…Hello 2014!

I know that New Years resolutions can be corny or some see them as useless. But I can’t help but start 2014 with a fresh outlook and with some enthusiasm that this year is going to be great! 2013 was a heck of a year. Ok…maybe that is a slight understatement, 2013 was the most […]

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