Heart Song – a poem

If only I could read your mind. Not as an invasion of privacy, but to ease the pain of not being able to speak even the simplest of your desires. Without words you become aggravated, helpless, scratching at my arms, pulling on my clothing, saying over and over again “mom, mom,mom” I kneel and look […]

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It’s been a really tough end to 2014 and start to 2015. We all caught this wonderful cold bug that’s been hitting everyone around the Calgary area. It lasted about 3 weeks for the kids. John and Sophia were getting better around mid December but Jule was still taking a bit. Her cold symptoms were […]

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Hello 2015!!

Exciting changes in 2014! We started Specialized Services for John, Sophia + Jule. It took me a year to get the approval and I can’t tell you how much it has helped and continues to help. There have been a lot of little successes which mean so much, yet I have found myself a little […]

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Stir Crazy!!

We’ve been going stir crazy and so time to get the sillies out at Playtopia! The kids love it there! Sophia & Jule had a great time in the bouncey castle and were more and more adventurous and brave with climbing and exploring! They absolutely love the ball pit and spend quite a bit of […]

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Most of us have experienced some kind of loss or life change and are familiar with the 5 steps of mourning: 1. Denial / isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance This past year since the kids were diagnosed with Autism I’ve definitely gone through these steps. I went through them in the […]

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Sophia + Jule’s MRI Results

Yesterday morning Sophia + Jule had an appointment with the Paediatrician and the MRI results were in. I wish I got a copy of the report. I think I might ask for one today, but this is what my understanding was yesterday at the meeting. Sophia’s scan came back as normal brain development and grey […]

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So far this summer has been a bit hectic with therapy and starting up Specialized Services. We have a Parenting Coach in home monday-friday from 9:00am-11:30am, it’s been great to be able to have that extra set of hands to work with the kids. We plan outings with the Parenting Coach and it’s been nice […]

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We got a puppy! We welcomed Maggie to our family almost two weeks ago. She is just about 12 weeks old and such an amazing dog. So smart, sweet, calm, and snuggly! John is absolutely in love, and Sophia & Jule love her, just not when she’s licking their faces! haha. It’s been so neat […]

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Somedays I find myself feeling really sad. Sad that my kids aren’t “normal”. I then feel a bit angry that we’ve somehow been cheated from living a “normal” life. Today was one of those days. Tonight as I was putting Sophia & Jule to bed I saw the print I had ordered off of Etsy […]