Autism + Algebra

Autism is like algebra – Math is hard + so is Autism. A math teacher I once had told me that it’s not about how much you know, it’s about how you act when you don’t know. When I was a student learning algebra I often wondered why I would need to learn it. How […]

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Love is all you need

  “There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.” – Robert M. Hensel In just over a month it will be 4 years since my twin girls and son were diagnosed with Autism. Over the past 4 years people have often said to me – “I don’t […]

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Heart Song – a poem

If only I could read your mind. Not as an invasion of privacy, but to ease the pain of not being able to speak even the simplest of your desires. Without words you become aggravated, helpless, scratching at my arms, pulling on my clothing, saying over and over again “mom, mom,mom” I kneel and look […]

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Good News

I am beyond excited!!! I have witness Sophia interact and try to play with two toddlers this week! First time was on Tuesday when we were at Playtopia with the parenting coaches and their physical therapist. We were in the bouncy castle and a boy around a year old was in there with us and […]

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It’s been a really tough end to 2014 and start to 2015. We all caught this wonderful cold bug that’s been hitting everyone around the Calgary area. It lasted about 3 weeks for the kids. John and Sophia were getting better around mid December but Jule was still taking a bit. Her cold symptoms were […]

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Hello 2015!!

Exciting changes in 2014! We started Specialized Services for John, Sophia + Jule. It took me a year to get the approval and I can’t tell you how much it has helped and continues to help. There have been a lot of little successes which mean so much, yet I have found myself a little […]

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Stir Crazy!!

We’ve been going stir crazy and so time to get the sillies out at Playtopia! The kids love it there! Sophia & Jule had a great time in the bouncey castle and were more and more adventurous and brave with climbing and exploring! They absolutely love the ball pit and spend quite a bit of […]

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North + South Pole

Recently I read a post by another Autism parent using the analogy of North + South Pole as each end of the Spectrum. It was part of a discussion about how Jerry Seinfeld has diagnosed himself as being on the spectrum recently in an interview. You can read about that here. A lot of parents […]

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My frustrations

I’m starting to feel pretty helpless when it comes to my children and their needs. I do have a lot of help with FSCD and Specialized Services, which just started in June after a year of trying to get that in place. The support is great, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed. Every book I read […]

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