Heart Song – a poem

If only I could read your mind.
Not as an invasion of privacy,
but to ease the pain of not being able to speak
even the simplest of your desires.

Without words you become aggravated, 
scratching at my arms, 
pulling on my clothing,
saying over and over again "mom, mom,mom" 
I kneel and look into your wide blue eyes,
and I see an intelligent mind trapped inside
a world I can barely understand.
If only I could read your mind.

You lounge with your head resting in your hand,
as though you are deep in thought,
listening to a favorite tune on your keyboard.
The song plays and you hum and mimic the tune.
I watch as your eyes suddenly turn sad, 
you sob with such deep sorrow.
I watch as teardrops run down your face.
I try to comfort you by rubbing your back.
Your sadness intensifies and my heartbreaks.
I look into your eyes and I tell you
"I love you,
you are ok, 
I see your beautiful soul,
one day you will talk,
one day you won't be able to stop, 
you will have so much to say,
and I will listen.".

Your eyes brighten up,
you give a little smile,
your bright blue eyes tell me you understood,
and then you burry your face against my chest,
I kiss the top of your head and squeeze you tight,
feeling my heard swell with happiness.
A profound moment of deep connection that I never 
thought possible without words.
You have enlightened me.
I cannot read your mind,
but I can listen to your heart song.


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