happy 1st birthday maggie!

Happy 1st Birthday to the most amazingly affectionate and loving dog!

You have been a blessing to our family and I thank you so much for all the times you kiss john’s face and cleaned off his tears when he is sad or hurt, all of the times you lay close by Sophia + Jule when they are upset (even though sometimes you make it worse, ha!), thank you for all the times you come up and snuggle with me when I am feeling defeated and alone, thank you for keeping me company on the days the kids are with their Dad and the house is so quiet and empty, thank you for climbing up into bed with me early morning in stealth mode and snuggling right up to my face taking that last little bit of pillow. You are everything I hoped for in a dog! Looking forward to many more years with you in our family (so lay off the grapes, will ya!?) xoxoxo

IMG_1627-1 The first time John and Maggie met! Love at first sight.
IMG_5182 Bringing Maggie home.IMG_6508

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