S + J’s 3rd Birthday!!

Each and every birthday I’m reminded at how fast time is going by and it seems each year is going by faster than the last. Slow down!

Sophia + Jule turned 3 years old. We had a party! 🙂 I hope they knew the day was a celebration for them. They really loved the balloons and Sophia seemed to enjoy opening gifts, but Jule was a bit overwhelmed by the whole day and preferred to hide behind the couch, ha! Life on the spectrum! When it came time for cake, Sophia dove right into her piece of cake making the biggest mess I’ve ever seen! Great sensory fun with mushing the cake and icing between her hands. Jule was hilarious! She grabbed her cake, took one bite of icing, and through it over her shoulder. I didn’t get it on camera unfortunately, but my brother got it on video. I also wish I got a shot of the aftermath underneath the table. It was massive and took 3 people about 10 minutes to clean it up. haha!

You can see their 2nd birthday party here and 1st birthday party here.

_LLP3316 _LLP3312_LLP3479_LLP3520_LLP3564_LLP3546_LLP3340_LLP3382 _LLP3390 _LLP3410

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