Good News

I am beyond excited!!! I have witness Sophia interact and try to play with two toddlers this week! First time was on Tuesday when we were at Playtopia with the parenting coaches and their physical therapist. We were in the bouncy castle and a boy around a year old was in there with us and Sophia went over while he was laying down and it looked like she tried to tickle him. It was the sweetest thing ever! The boy was a bit afraid because Sophia’s “tickling” was more like slapping him with her hands, but what an amazing thing!

Today I had a fellow photographer friend over with her two sons. Her youngest, a 2 year old, was very interesting to Sophia and she sat with him on the couch and then the floor with a Leap Pad. Then a while later I found them upstairs playing hide-and-seek in the closet. So adorable!

This is the emergence of some great interactions and I am absolutely thrilled!!! A HUGE step!!!

I also want to update about Jule – we are home, all is well and she has healed beautifully. I knew she was back to her normal self when she was smiling in the morning and standing up in her crib on her own. She is now walking like crazy again and I couldn’t be happier! So glad that is behind us!

Also – I am excited to report that i have registered the 3 kids at Providence in Calgary. It’s a school for special needs children and they also have children who are NT (neuro typical). We went to the School with Sophia and Jule and didn’t intend on registering John, but after seeing their Kindergarten class I decided it would be the best place for him before he starts going to our local public school in grade one. Sophia and Jule joined in the class while Matthew and I did the tour. It was so great to see them join in a class and see how the teachers, aids, and therapists were with them. The thing I love about this school the most is that they have a SLP, OT, Physical Therapist, and Behavior Consultant on staff at the school. They also are partners with Ability Society, the provider for our Specialized Services contract, so it works out perfectly.

A lot of good news to report, which feels so amazing!!!

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