Hello 2015!!

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Exciting changes in 2014! We started Specialized Services for John, Sophia + Jule. It took me a year to get the approval and I can’t tell you how much it has helped and continues to help. There have been a lot of little successes which mean so much, yet I have found myself a little frustrated with the slow progress. But taking it day by day is helping and the therapy team is always so great and encouraging when they visit and point out more subtle changes and how important they are.

Here was my list of hopes and goals for 2014 from a year ago. Lets see how many things we’ve achieved:

  • Get my first kiss and hug from Sophia & Jule (hasn’t happened yet, but they do lean their head in for more kisses!)
  • Hear S+J say their first words (Sophia has said, doll, maggie, puppy, and tickle tickle, but only once and never again)
  • See S+J wave bye bye for the first time (this one hasn’t happened yet) 
  • S+J walk for the first time (This did happen!!!! Yay!)
  • John use more than 2 word combinations and more sentences (This has for sure happened!)
  • Less tantrums and meltdowns (I would say about the same but different for John, and Sophia & Jule would be more)
  • S+J+J learn some sign language (We are working on “all done” and haven’t see them do it spontaneously yet)
  • Use visual aids at home like “First & Then” and be more consistent with them at home. (this has happened!)
  • Apply for an Autism Service Dog for John & hopefully start the process of getting one for John (This didn’t happen, but we added an amazing Golden retriever, Maggie, to our family and she has been therapy for sure even without the training)
  • Explore other services in Calgary and hopefully get S+J enrolled in a pre preschool program (I tried, but wasn’t successful)
  • Get Specialized Services in place and have an in home aide (YES! We have TWO in home aides)
  • Be more consistent with discipline (I could still use some work on this, but I’ve definitely improved!)
  • Get John Potty Trained (John is fully potty trained! Yay one less bum to change!)
  • S+J eating more finger foods (Yes!)
  • Continue working with John’s therapists on how to get him to try new foods (Yes!)
  • Continue working on getting the girls to engage more with people vs individual play (Yes! They’ve improved for sure!)
  • Seeing S+J pretend play and mimic (YES!)
  • Take as many seminars/courses as I’m able (Unfortunately I didn’t have enough funds for the seminars I wanted to attend, but still in the plan!)
  • Attend more support group gatherings for kids with Autism (I attended some, but not as many as I would like)

My goals and hopes for 2015 are:

    • Get my first kiss and hug from Sophia & Jule
    •  Hear S+ J say their first words
    • See S+J wave bye bye for the first time
    •  Have John use more complete sentences and improve more with communication and comprehension
    •  Be more consistent with discipline
    • Continue working on John’s letters and numbers and his writing.
    •  Seek more information about nutrition and diets to help the children’s development
    •  S+J learn sign language
    •  Less tantrums & Meltdowns
    •  Expose the kids to new environments more often
    •  Become more organized
    • Have more playdates and nurture my friendships more
    •  Take care of myself too
    • Continue working on getting S+J to engage more with people vs individual play
    •  Take seminars/courses and read as much information as possible
    •  Continue working on S+J climbing in and out of their highchairs, their carseats, and the bathtub.
    • Continue working with S+J on using utensils so they can feed themselves.
    • Get S+J into Providence Preschool program for children with special needs.
    • Attend more support group gatherings for kids with Autism and continue to build that support system.
    • Explore http://www.mendability.com some more and other sensory type therapies that I could add to our therapy routine.

I have a lot of hope and excitement for all that 2015 has in store. I am looking forward to looking back in another year and seeing all the changes and goals reached for John, Sophia + Jule.

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