Christmas Concert

John’s preschool class had an adorable Christmas concert today for the parents. So adorable! I was thrilled this year and compared to last year, John has come a long way! He wouldn’t do any of the actions last year, and this year he did it all and sat so well on his own. His aide didn’t even need to help! He’s such a sensitive, sweet, caring, funny, and empathetic little man. So proud.

2014-12-15_0001 2014-12-15_0002  2014-12-15_0004 2014-12-15_0005 2014-12-15_0006


2 thoughts on “Christmas Concert

  1. oh wow well done to your son ! and oh my word hes a cutie ! …. my own son , connor, is 7 now but when he was younger he wouldnt join in and his speech was so delayed i cried the year he was an inn keeper and said the words NO ROOM in front of all the parents 🙂 … now aged 7 hes a real performer , no fear of the stage ! but sadly he often gets over looked 😦

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