Stir Crazy!!

We’ve been going stir crazy and so time to get the sillies out at Playtopia! The kids love it there! Sophia & Jule had a great time in the bouncey castle and were more and more adventurous and brave with climbing and exploring! They absolutely love the ball pit and spend quite a bit of time in there. Jule found one toy especially interesting and so I used it to my advantage. I took her over to the big kid climbing area, threw the toy up so she had to climb up to where the big slides were the Parenting Coach was at the top and threw it down the slide, she thought this was so much fun and went down the slide on her own with me at the bottom to catch her and hand her the toy. One of our Parenting Coaches was there with us and so we got some therapy time in as well and had an extra set of hands. John had a great time and is far more independent and now able to climb and explore on his own. He usually befriends a kid his age and has fun climbing and pretending. I unfortunately don’t feel comfortable going out to a Playtopia on my own. Trying to keep track of the 3 kids, and then leaving, which results in full out tantrums from Sophia & Jule, and usually a lot of encouragement and explanation with John, who as he’s gotten older, has stopped the full out on the floor screaming, kicking, hitting, etc. type tantrums. Sophia + Jule have recently started their tantrums when it comes to transitions and so I feel like I need to have that extra set of hands for outings like this.

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