John’s 4th Birthday Party – TMNT Style

I know, it’s cliche…but where did the last 4 years go? When I was ordering balloons I even said “I’ll take a large number 3….I mean 4! My son is turning 4!” When planning John’s party we sat down and looked online at different themes. At first he wanted Thomas, and then he changed his mind and decided he wanted a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle party! I was pretty excited because I was a HUGE TMNT fan as a kid growing up in the 90’s. I was a tomboy and didn’t care much for My Little Pony or Barbie….I wanted TMNT and Ghost Busters! I even had a pet turtle as a kid and named him Michelangelo. So with that being said…I was pretty excited to plan John’s party! The Cheetos were the biggest hit with the kids and they also loved the mini pizzas. Overall I think the party was a huge hit and John had a blast! Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped celebrate and make John’s party extra special!

2014-10-19_0001 2014-10-19_0002 2014-10-19_00052014-10-19_0003 2014-10-19_0004  2014-10-19_0006


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