Jule’s Neurosurgeon Consultation


Last Tuesday the Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) called with an appointment for Jule for last Thursday. I was relieved to get her in so quickly, but also made me wonder why they got her in so fast since they had told me to expect a long wait. Of course a Mothers mind goes crazy and I was sick with worry.

Thursday arrived and Jule and I headed to ACH while Sophia & John stayed home with a friend. It’s always nice when I can have just one on one time with the kids, even if it is to a doctors appointment. The wait was pretty long, they were running about an hour behind by the time we got to chat with the Neurosurgeon. He explained to me that Jule’s Arachnoid Cyst was around the part of the brain that controls the right side of her facial muscles, right hearing, and right side of her body’s motor skills. The cyst also has some nerves that are on top of the cyst and he is concerned that if the cyst grows in size that we will start to see some symptoms and it will need to be operated on. After the Neurosurgeon asked me some questions it was determined that the cyst is not causing any issues right now and is asymptomatic.

So they would like Jule to have another MRI in December, 6 months after her last MRI. Thankfully in December we will be able to see the Neurosurgeon right after the MRI instead of having to wait and go back.

Not exactly the news I was hoping for, but I’m praying the cyst doesn’t grow and that an operation isn’t necessary. In the meantime I will try and stay positive and will be keeping a watch on Jule for any drooping of her facial muscles or change in motor skills. Jule & Sophia both had hearing tests done and they came back normal, but will be going to another test when they turn 3. It’s tough to monitor hearing with them because they don’t react to their names all the time and have never reacted to loud noises etc.

Other than that Jule is doing great, she is her happy smiley self and continues to improve with therapy along with her twin sister Sophia.


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