We got a puppy! We welcomed Maggie to our family almost two weeks ago. She is just about 12 weeks old and such an amazing dog. So smart, sweet, calm, and snuggly! John is absolutely in love, and Sophia & Jule love her, just not when she’s licking their faces! haha. It’s been so neat to watch her interact with the kids. As soon as one cries or gets upset she is straight over to their side and lays nearby. Mornings when Sophia and Jule wake up crying she runs to their room and lays between their cribs. If I was looking for a puppy that would make a good candidate as a therapy dog…she would be it. She has all the qualities.

I had been looking into getting an Autism therapy dog for our family, but felt like there are probably other families out there who could use one more than us. John has made such HUGE improvements over the past 10 months and bolting hasn’t become as big of an issue as it was last year.

Here are some pictures of Maggie’s first day with us! 🙂







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