Our Autism Bubble has burst


Sophia & Jule are getting to an age where people are starting to notice they aren’t your typical 2 year olds and John isn’t your typical 3.5 year old. This is a hard transition for me! I’ve had comments about how quiet they are, I’ve had people ask me questions and then when they find out they can’t walk ask “really? What’s wrong with them?”. I’m finding it so hard when I’m out and see 1 year olds walking around and talking while Sophia & Jule are in their stroller being their quirky selves, quiet, stimming, or sometimes now Jule will just shout out a sound really loud out of no where. It’s almost like turrets. I find it cute but others look at her and see her pursing her lips, flapping her hand or shaking her head and absorbed in the one object in her hand or with the lights.

We recently moved from the acreage into town and it’s been wonderful having neighbours so close, kids next door to play with John. But it’s really thrusted their differences in my face. Thankfully they are completely unaware of anyone noticing or questioning their differences. But even with John, the neighbour kids are confused as to why John doesn’t talk and communicate as well as they do and I’m not sure if I should tell them he is Autistic or just act as though nothing is different. So far I’ve just stuck to “oh he doesn’t speak very well”.

With Sophia & Jule, it’s tough going to the park or just playing in the backyard and they will basically sit in the same spot for an hour playing with a toy or examining their shadows. The neighbour kids come to play with them and get bored and confused very easily and then leave to play somewhere else.

Recently I took all 3 children to The doctor after a week of diarrhea and the nurse was trying to take Sophia and Jule’s blood pressure, they had no interest and would say things like “which finger would you like to use? Oh look at the light, press this button” etc. I just had to say “they don’t really understand you, they are severely autistic”, and then I get 20 questions about it.

It’s been super difficult to figure out the best way to handle it, and maybe it’s bringing me out of my “Autism Bubble” with having moved into town and no longer isolated on an acreage. I have no idea what it’s like to have a “typical child”, yet I have no idea how to handle this new challenge of trying to deal with curiosity about their differences or the best way to explain Autism. Most people really don’t have a clue what Autism is, and I know I really didn’t before my children were diagnosed.

If anyone has any suggestions please share!

2 thoughts on “Our Autism Bubble has burst

  1. I would say you are handling it very well, people love to ask questions and frequently inappropriate ones! Remember that even moms who have children who aren’t on the spectrum get these same questions when their child doesn’t act or respond a certain way. We have all been there and it’s no fun to feel like you need to defend your child.

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