Lots of small but exciting changes this past month! Here’s an update:

Physical Therapy

Sophia – I’m still working with Sophia on walking and cruising furniture. She’s getting stronger and her balance is getting better. I am also working on getting her to move from holding the couch to the ottoman and increasing the distance.

Jule – She is pulling herself up to stand on her own now!!! Very exciting! The other night Jule was having a hard time sleeping because she has her 4 eye teeth coming up and so we were hanging out in the living room and all of a sudden she pulled herself up. Yesterday she pulled herself up quite a few times, and this morning was the first time she stood up in her crib to greet me this morning. It was so nice to see her smiling and looking at Sophia on the other side of the room standing up in her crib.

I love her expression.


Speech Therapy

We had our second session with our privateSpeech Language Pathologist (SLP) yesterday. I’ve been working on trying to engage the girls and get some back and forth play with them and shared enjoyment with toys or play since our last therapy session. We are also working on getting them to look at me and hold their eye contact for longer periods of time. I definitely need some work in this area. I hope it will become a natural thing for me because it feels very awkward. I watch our awesome SLP demonstrate how to interact with the girls and I wish I could be that good! In time I’m sure it will feel more natural.

Yesterday our SLP showed me how to work on getting the girls to imitate action and request. The girls aren’t imitating things I do, like clapping, waving, building blocks etc. So I am trying to encourage them to ask for things when I take them away by making some kind of noise or gesture (not crying).

A BIG thank you to my awesome neighbour, Kerri Ann, for watching John during the girls therapy session yesterday. It made it so much easier and so awesome that we could just meet at the fence and pass John over. John had such a good time that when we went outside this morning he went straight to the fence and tried climbing over to see Loki, their Leonberger (and true gentle giant). Too funny!

I’ve also signed the girls up for a Gymboree class in South Calgary. We’ve been to 3 classes so far and it’s been a lot of fun. We are in the Level 3 class. They especially love the parachute and it’s been so fun watching them take it all in. I’ve also been noticing some other changes in the girls. Like Sophia has started to get attached to me more and doesn’t like when I leave the room. She crawls over to me to be picked up and comes to me for comfort. Seems so small, but it is really huge. They girls were so easy going before and didn’t seem to notice if I was here or not. Things you take for granted as a Mom to a “typical” developing child. It’s so nice to see our bond is growing more and more. Jule does this as well, especially when Sophia starts to get upset. So I’ve found myself with 3 kids who are upset and usually 2 at my feet wanting up whileI hold the 3rd. Something that I’m sure I would of found more annoying had it not been a small victory for us.

John’s been such a great big brother. He’s always right in there when I am working with the girls. He repeats the words they babble and giggles with them. It’s a lot of fun to watch. They just adore their big brother. It’s hard to believe he is turning 3 years old in just 2 months. I’ve noticed quite a few changes in him as he’s approaching 3. He’s definitely become a lot more needy and likes to be babied and constantly wants “up!”. Which is creating some nice biceps for me as he is 40lbs!

Another huge thing that has happened this past week is I FINALLY got some pictures of all 3 kids together. This hasn’t happened in a long while.


One thought on “Therapy

  1. Good for you Karlee. It’s so great to see progress. Remember to make time for yourself. Don’t want you to burn out. Are you guys going to Bev and Larry’s 55th?

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