Feeling very overwhelmed. We’ve had two therapy sessions so far, last Wednesday was the girls first Physiotherapy session and then yesterday we had their first session with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and she brought along a member of her therapy team. The physio appointment is at the Calgary Youth Physio centre in Calgary and the SLP appointment is in home. The physio appointment went well. The girls have low muscle tone and so they have very flexible joints. I’m to work with Sophia on walking along furniture and only holding on with one hand by encouraging her with toys etc. I’ve also got Sophia pushing a toy around on the hardwood to start walking. With Jule I am to have her sit on a little stool and hold her hands and encourage her to pull herself up to stand as many times a day as I can. Also walking and holding onto her hands. Which is something we’ve already been doing, but am definitely making more of a conscious effort to do them more often now. We go back in 4 weeks to see how they’ve improved and get some more tips.

The Speech Language Pathologist was great yesterday. One of my biggest concerns with the girls is that they don’t have great social play. So the SLP had me sit and play with Jule on the floor while she video taped me with her iPad for 2 minutes. She then showed me how when Jule looked at me or the toy I was holding I didn’t react to her. The SLP then got on the floor and showed me how to engage with Jule in a way that will help encourage her to pay attention to me by mimicking her and encouraging her every time she looked at me or laughed etc. After seeing the difference the SLP then video taped me again playing with Jule for 2 minutes using the new tools she showed me, and I was really impressed with the difference. I think Jule looked at me 3 times in the first video and with me engaging her differently in the 2nd video and mimicking her play I believe she looked up at me 19 times. Huge difference! Sophia was sleeping while the SLP was here, but it’s best to play with each of them individually vs together while doing this kind of play therapy. So my homework is to play with the girls like that individually for 15 minutes 2x a day for each of them.

It’s a great feeling having things move along and get some direction. I’ve also been reading quite a bit as you can see from the picture above with all the books I’ve received in the mail from Indigo. I have to say, at times the books can be overwhelming, but mainly they’ve been very helpful. I wish I had read some of them when the girls were about a year old, which is when I started to get pretty concerned.

John has been pretty good with all of this going on. It was pretty clear yesterday that I will have to book in home sessions with the girls on days we have our part time Nanny. All he wanted to do was play with the therapists and wanted all the attention. It would only work I think having someone here to take him outside to play with him while I chat with the therapists. I’m really excited for him to go to preschool in 6 weeks. I think it will be so great for him to make new friends and get that time outside of the house, it will also provide me with some time to spend with the girls and be able to focus on their therapy without distractions from him. My biggest concern right now is that he needs to be potty trained in 6 weeks for preschool. I’m hoping Jason will be home for a week from work so that I can spend the time with John in order to get him fully potty trained. I’ve attempted to do it on my own with the girls…it’s just too chaotic. Fingers crossed he will be fully potty trained in 6 weeks!

With all of this going on I have to say it’s been incredibly overwhelming. It’s been really tough not having my husband home to help and for support. Both of us are worked to the max each day. Here’s hoping things calm down in the next few months…even just a smidgen!

On a brighter note, we had a great weekend. The kids and I got out to Little Bow Resort to visit with family and then to my Mom’s to hang out in her backyard with family. They all had such a great time with their cousins. It was great for all 4 of us.





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